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About Munich Re
Munich Re Green Tech Solutions (GTS) develops and delivers innovative risk transfer for clean technology markets, spanning from energy production (PV solar, on- & offshore wind, biomass/waste-to-energy and fuel cells) to energy storage (both stationary and mobility related), as well as energy efficiency. We enable growth by underwriting new technology risks and cover manufacturers as well as large scale investment projects. Corporate industrial and finance clients gain a broader investment base for emerging technologies; manufacturers benefit from decreased financing costs and a more flexible allocation of capital. Bespoke risk transfer entails technical endorsement, leads to bankability and hence fuels tomorrow’s energy industry. With over 80 large scale renewable energy projects insured and a global presence, GTS – as part of the World’s largest re-insurer – utilizes strong resources to be a global leader for primary risk management and financial solutions in the markets of the future.

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Münchener RückversicherungsGesellschaft
Königinstrasse 107
80802 München


Dr. Sebastian Scholz
T: +49 89 38 91-81 28

Stephan Jacob
T: +49 89 38 91-35 65